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CLC Moulds

Types of CLC Moulds

  • CLC Moulds Battery Moulds
  • CLC Moulds Vertical Moulds

CLC Moulds Battery Moulds
In CLC Mould Battery Moulds are Adjustable Moulds for Various Sizes in Single CLC Battery Mould WE Can Adjust Our Required Sizes Of Blocks. In 1 CLC Mould BatteryMould We Get.

Vertical Moulds:

In CLC Mould Vertical Moulds are also Size adjustable Moulds We Can Adjust Required Sizes Of CLC Vertical Mould The Blocks. The Capacity Of In CLC Mould Vertical Mould Is 1m3.

CLC Mobile Unit






CLC Mixer Machine

CLC mixer machine is a ribbon type blender capacity range in between 15cubic meters to 150 cubic meters.

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