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CLC Plant

Types of CLC Block Making Machine

  • Steam Curing CLC Plant
  • Water Curing CLC Plant

Steam Curing CLC Plant
This Steam Curing CLC Plant suitable for higher production capacities. In Steam Curing CLCPlant We get high Production in Very Quick time at very low cost

Water Curing CLC Plant

IThe Investment Of WATER CURING CLC PLANT is very less. Water Curing CLC Plant is suitable for Builders, Building Material Suppliers, Clay Brick , Fly Ash Brick , Concrete Brick Manufacturers.This Water Curing CLC Plant suitable for lower production and higher production. Water Curing CLCPlant Movable from place to place

CLC Mobile Unit






CLC Mixer Machine

CLC mixer machine is a ribbon type blender capacity range in between 15cubic meters to 150 cubic meters.

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